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Couples contest entry <3

Woot. Happy Valentines Day! ;) Alright *yawn* damn...i'm tired. hokay, so this is my entry =D *states obvious* and it is awesome. the quality kinda sucks cuz i uploaded it to adv. anime, then saved it from there because i went to my mom's, then it was too big to upload and psp8 wouldn't work so i brought it into paint...u get the idea. Sucky quality x100. but neva fear! i will put up the better one this weekend, but since the deadline is today...here goes


*ahem* heehee ummm....

type: Radical Art! =D
who: Misha (pita-ten) and Momiji (fruits basket)
artist: yours truly <3
rating: Uber Awesome

Vote for me! *winkwink* =P

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