the Master of Sheep DOOMYNESS (the_sheep_shelf) wrote in my_head_esplode,
the Master of Sheep DOOMYNESS

First Entry!

Ok so just to get it rolling (as it seems I need to do) I'm going to post a short parody joke. It's not that great but I made it myself. I'll probably post something better later.

Post: The MaTRIX
Creater: the_sheep_shelf (who else would be silly enough 2 make it?)
Type: Joke
Genre: Parody
Rating: G

One morning Trinity wakes up late and goes out into the diningroom. Neo is already there. He is sitting there staring at a bowl of cereal which is soggy and looks rather old. Trinity walks up with a puzzeled expression and asks, "What's wrong Neo?"
Neo looks up, with that horrible blank stare, and says, "There is no spoon."

heehee. ok so if i win i have perminate bragging rights over EVERYONE else!

Doom Master out!
Tags: contest 2
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