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First WRITING Contest

Attention PUNY earth-scum,

Ok so I've decided for contests we're going to break mediums down into groups. we're NOT going to, that was a dumb idea. so heres the first writing normal (nonlayout) contest. as that seems to be currently whats been posted. here it is:

Fan-fic (That means drawings icons soundclips writing whatever.) for the weirdest, yet beleavable AND defendable, pairing u can think of. Yes u can cross bariers even to the point of musicXvideo-game characters. go wild. (i know im going to.) all submiting is closed febuary 14 exactly 2 weeks from today. add a line to the normal post format that says something like "writing contest 1 submission" multiple posts from one user are not only aloud they're encouraged. bonus points for more then one media!

after submissions are closed i will repost all of ur writing in one post and we can commence voting. more on that later.

whoever wins will get a icon 4 their pairing! (unless of course there r no pictures of one/both characters at which point i'll just take a request. or make something else up.)

that is all.

Master of Sheepy Doom out!
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