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You broke my heart 'cause I couldn't dance.

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My first post here.

This is my first post in this community, and since there isn't a contest (Except the layout one. I don't know how to make layouts.) I will go with Evie's theme of poetry. So, without furter ado, I give you.....
Carrot has dreams
Of being young and underground again,
With people watering him daily,
And pulling out the weeds that choke him.
But he doesn't always have these happy dreams.
Soemtimes, he has nightmares
Of being chopped up and put on a salad,
Or being pulled from his crisper
And crunched to death.
So, parents,
If you ever wondered how the carrot ended up at the bottom of the drawer,
It was not because your kids did not want to eat him,
But because he was hiding from the deadly terror of
Molars and canines.

Ah, sixth grade poetry units. Such fun.
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