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Yo. Evie here. This marks my first post in My Head A-Splode. w00t. A'ight so I wrote this incredibly thought-provoking ode in an attempt to mock Raven's homework. Why? Two words, my friends: Bore-Dumb. Without further ado, ladies and germs i give you my ode (after Raven-chan's seemingly unnecessary lame-ass format crap =P)

Post: The Ode To Tampons
Creater: yer mom! jk...stop crying.
Type: Writing
Genre: Moronic Boredom Induced Poetry
Rating: XXX PORN! XP jkjkjk (for x-tra x-tra x-tra dumb)

The Ode to Tampons (and pads too)
[aka “Mocking Rave-chan’s Homework Assignment”]
100% Shamelessly By Evie K.

Periods suck as it is
Moods swings, cramps, and bitchiness abound
But just imagine if
Feminine hygiene supplies didn’t exist

You’d have to use Kleenex
Or T.P. maybe even leaves (ew!)
To soak up your monthly flow
But fortunately we have tampons (and pads too)

Tampons are slender and cylindrical
And you wear them inside of you
Pads have adhesive on one side
And fit in your panties

Wherever I go, Whatever I do
When that time of the month rolls around
I can always count on you
My little absorbent friends

So there you have it. My precious ode that took me all of ten minutes. =D So inspiring, ain't it? xP Until next time,

}i{ Evie
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