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You broke my heart 'cause I couldn't dance.

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My first post here.

This is my first post in this community, and since there isn't a contest (Except the layout one. I don't know how to make layouts.) I will go with Evie's theme of poetry. So, without furter ado, I give you.....
Carrot has dreams
Of being young and underground again,
With people watering him daily,
And pulling out the weeds that choke him.
But he doesn't always have these happy dreams.
Soemtimes, he has nightmares
Of being chopped up and put on a salad,
Or being pulled from his crisper
And crunched to death.
So, parents,
If you ever wondered how the carrot ended up at the bottom of the drawer,
It was not because your kids did not want to eat him,
But because he was hiding from the deadly terror of
Molars and canines.

Ah, sixth grade poetry units. Such fun.
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xD lol thats funny. I really like the last part. moohahahaha....carrots - I'M COMING FOR YOU!!! PH3AR M3!!!!!111oneoneone Gonna crunch u to near death, little orange subhuman deathstick, gonna crunch u real good then shove u in the blender on liquify and THEN it's off to the garbage disposal with you, my friend, yessiree.
lol. You're somewhat morbid. Did you have to do those 'personification poems' in sixth grade? I had to do two. My other one is about ice cream.
yes, thats me. Morbid Evie they call me. no, i didn't. we didn't do poetry that i can remember.
Really? I thought everyone did poetry. Every year... Hmm. Were you on the frogs?
yea, I was a frog...wanna make sumthin' of it?! >=)
Well, obviously the royal family is better. We all got Mr. Young. Math was almost fun.
It's not murder. It's completely lawful to kill carrots. AND I'm not a carrot....or AM i? =o
carrot girl!
Evelyn, the amazing shape-shifting carrot girl!
lol yes, i should join the circus. "Evie - Amazing Shape-Shifting Carrot Girl, only $5.00 to witness her awesomeness!" psh, more like 100.00!!!
heehee i knew evie was carrot! =)
heehee oh yes all the obvious signs are there. *sarcasm* :P ur just using me as a scapegoat to cover your secret carrot agenda! I knew it.
heehee see u admit it! and come on me carrot agenda? what ever.
*gasp* my true identity has been revealed! Now i must be re-located.
heehee actually in ur pic ur hair IS carrot orange... i knew it!
heehee yeah, that pic was taken the day i got my hair dyed but in no way does the hair prove my carrotness. Nu-uh not a carrot. not me lalalalalaaaa. i don't even taste like a carrot. u should know. :P
lol yes i know. carrot girl vely. heehee. yes u dont... hmm... u must have found a way to obscure ur flavor.
yup, i'm a carrot in denial. :P heehee. vely. dammit, why are there no good ways to butcher your name? wah. not fair. haha for some reason vely kinda sounds like the name of some sexual enchancement product for men in their 50's. xD but it IS rather cute, i must admit. heehee yes. that's it. u just have me aaaaallllll figured out. but i won't tell u HOW i obscure my carroty flavor. nu-uh. that's for u to figure out. :P
*shudder* um... how do u have any consept of those sort of names. heehee it is cute tho. and im dropping the carrot convo cuz its 2 stupid.
cuteness :) and ok i'll start another contest :P.